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Bob Reese, PhD, is an experienced and dedicated educator, facilitator, and speaker. He has developed seminars, courses and workshops, for individuals and groups in both corporate and higher education venues.

Bob has developed integrated curricula that provide progressive methods for positive change and for evolving one’s unique potentialities. His professional expertise and rigorous research enables him to design and deliver seminars, courses, & workshops that effect transformation of individuals, of relationships, and of group dynamics.

Curriculum & Instructional Design

Bob received his PhD from Virginia Tech in Education: Curriculum & Instruction with a Cognate in Sport Psychology. He first began developing curriculum for his Masters project at Regis University where he developed a curriculum that has evolved into the Winner’s Mentality System.

Bob can tailor any curriculum and instructional design to the needs of the client. He ensures the content is delivered in a learner-centered environment – facilitation – and that it incorporates the latest advances in pedagogy, andragogy, and educational psychology.

CATALOG ~ Seminars, Courses, & Workshops

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  • Seminars & Courses can be tailored to meet the needs of any individual, business, or organization.
  • Several courses are in the process of being developed or re-developed in Online formats.
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Enneagram – Level I: Personality Typing

Enneagram – Level II: Advancing Self-Awareness

Enneagram & Relationships

Enneagram & Personality Psychology 599/499 (45 hr / 3 cr hr College level course)

Enneagram of Strengths ~ Under Development as an Online Course 


Sports Hypnosis Certification Course

This Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) was offered annually in August at the NGH International Convention & Educational Conference from 2002-2014. Due to scheduling conflicts it will no longer be offered at the Convention.

An OnLine course is in development.

Self-Hypnosis Workshop


Winner’s Mentality System

Seminar content is flexible in order to address the needs of the participant(s)


Positive Psychology for Rehab ~ Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Positive Psychology for Addictions: Thriving in Recovery (2-4 hr Workshop)

Positive Psychology Primer (45 hr / 3 cr hr College course)

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