Who You AM!

Who You AM!

Do you know ‘Who you AM?

This may not be proper English, but phrasing it this way helps both my students and clients remember the crux of what is important to thrive and flourish – to enjoy success.

The basic performance enhancement addressed by the Winner’s Mentality System does not require knowing Who you AM. Knowing Who you AM is, however, the necessary NextStep to engaging life fully and abundantly.

If you want to flourish and thrive – to be happy – then you have to be willing to embrace positive change in your life. If you want that change to endure, then you must know Who you AM! Learning Who you AM is both challenging and humbling … but well worth the effort.

When you don’t know Who you AM:

  • you keep running into the same problems
  • you keep making the same mistakes
  • you repeatedly endure unfulfilling or dysfunctional relationships with the same person

Knowing Who you AM means understanding what is important in your life – your priorities … and why they are important to you and for you. This must be at a much deeper level than “… because I’ve been told they should important.”

To learn Who you AM requires employing the metacognitive processes of introspection and reflection and then to engage imagination for forward thinking. This process requires the ability to be mindful, a willingness to tolerate ambiguities, engaging and trusting your intuition, and more than a modicum of courage.

When you learn Who you AM you will find that life becomes easier – you enjoy flow more often. You become more intuitive, more self-confident. You learn to like yourself because you now know who you truly are.

Discovering Who you AM gives you integrity, confidence, courage, and true self-esteem. Knowing Who you AM is the foundation for employing a positive psychology to be happy, to thrive, and to flourish. Being Who you AM is a positive NextStep in the journey of actualizing your potentialities.

My mission is to facilitate individuals and groups to thrive and flourish in life – to actualize their potentialities.

A great tool for learning Who you Am is the Enneagram.

If you or your organization are ready for the NextStep, click here.

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