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What “THEY SAY” about Bob Reese, PhD


“Bob, I could have never done it without you! Thanks for everything!”
(After highest finish ever – 4th place – by an American in the Winter Olympics, 2002.)

– Adam Heidt, USA Luge

“Hey Bob, this #~!? (stuff) really works!”

-Aaron Glenn, NFL All-Pro Cornerback

Coach Reese is a master at teaching athletes how to play with confidence in pressure situations and how to stay focused and play in the ‘zone’. If you are ready for change and improvement, Bob Reese can provide you with the tools you need. Getting coached by Bob was the best investment I’ve ever made.

– Nancy Koran, Tennis Professional

[Using visualization and hypnosis] My broken wrist healed in record time. I could not have made the Pro-Bowl without Mental Skills Training! Thanks Bob.”

– Rob Moore, NFL All-Pro Wide Receiver

Corporate Performers:

Bob doesn’t lecture: he facilitates. Our administration and faculty were energized, even after a three-day seminar.

– Rose Ann Black, Director of Education, Katherine Gibbs School, NY

Bob not only teaches, he lives his Five Essential Mental Skills. He brings a depth of experience and knowledge to his work, which has enabled me to easily integrate these skills into my life, in a way that works beautifully and easily. Bob has “the right stuff,” and I have used it to create a new career for myself.

-Elmdea Bean, Life Symmetry, VA.

Bob, just wanted you to know I followed what I learned from my sessions with you and dramatically improved my sales with new innovation.

-Shank Mazumder, Icon, NJ

Sports Hypnosis Certification Course:

This course covers everything you need to know and how to use it.

Thanks, Bob! This was awesome and career changing.

A very nice addition to my practice with something that can be marketed and increase the parameters of what I do with confidence and total conviction of my credentials in this field of hypnosis.

The material presented was great! I feel it can be used for all levels of sports training. Well presented.

College Courses

Dear Bob, I again just wanted to thank you for the “Winners Mentality.” In the midst of my studies and stressful life of school and being without my wife and children, I constantly find myself going back to your book.  I remember things you taught and the outline to feelization! I hope you know the positive impact you make on your students.  I hope to do the same one day. I really wish I could have spent more time under your wing. Speaking of wings, Have a great Thanksgiving!

– Forever your student, D. D., MSPA Student, Class President Mountain State University 2011

Thank you for an awesome experience in your class and for all of the lessons learned about myself and my own development; greatly appreciated.

Thanks for making this class so interesting and fun.

Just wanted to finish the semester up by saying Thank you! You’re a great teacher and I loved your class. I really learned a lot.

I have never met Mr. Reese but I feel like I’ve known him forever through his posts on the discussion board and his innate ability to get me to open up. …  He makes it interesting by challenging us to a higher level of seeing things. … His positive feedback is what feeds me to want to do more and I have found myself looking forward to reading my group pages mostly due to his small suggestions that have gotten us to open up to each other. I learn through personal experiences of others the best and he encourages that.

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